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Working for YOU:

Joe Vollmer has always been focused on serving his constituents’ needs. Joe knows that the job of an Alderman is to serve the people and neighborhoods they are elected to represent. That’s why Joe focuses his efforts on issues that directly improve quality of life for his constituents while supporting City wide efforts that make our City a more attractive place for families to live, work and play. 

Investing in Public Safety:

Joe knows we must get serious about addressing the city’s crime problem. Joe believes we must increase pay and benefits to attract high-quality police officers while investing in public safety solutions such as mental health professionals.  

Improving our 911 System:

Joe believes we must invest resources to create safer neighborhoods. Every family deserves to feel like they can count on emergency services to show up when they need it. Alderman Vollmer supports using federal funds to increase 911 call center staff pay to retain and recruit staff as well as modernizing technology.

Creating Safer Streets:

As 10th Ward Alderman, Joe Vollmer has prioritized improving traffic safety. He has installed 24 speed humps, upgraded crosswalks, and invested in solar-powered signage like speed alerts and crosswalk signs. Joe will expand that effort to neighborhoods of the new 5th Ward.

Restoring Trust and Accountability:

The City of St. Louis has 3 years to properly allocate and spend the $498 million dollars it was awarded from the Federal government. Joe Vollmer believes we must approach this process with transparency, oversight, and accountability. Joe is committed to working with his colleagues, the Mayor, and his constituents to make sure these funds are being spent in areas that will serve the people and have a lasting positive impact on our neighborhoods.

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